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n u g s . n e t | Galactic mp3 - Bonnaroo 2002

n u g s . n e t presents

photography by Casey Flanigan

Les Claypool, Skerik and others join Galactic for Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom"

After Widespread's incredible two-set performance Saturday night, folks wandered out under the gaze of the full moon to "Centeroo" to find The Lil' Rascals Brass Band leading a procession into the Theater tent. The late night Galactic show on Saturday night was the superjam showcase of Bonnaroo. After all, Galactic is part of the Superfly family, the same fine folks who threw the whole Bonnaroo party in the first place. Like New Year's at The Warfield, the show was a veritable guest-fest, with a revolving door of musicians joining the party throughout the night. Kang from The Cheese, Skerik, Robert Randolph, Luther Dickinson from North Mississippi All Stars -- you name it. And how could there be any kind of jam happening without DJ Logic?

Once again, logistics proved to be a problem. While Galactic was cookin' up a storm in the Theater tent, moe. was right across Centeroo playing a spectacular show of their own in the Ballroom tent. Luckily, you could stroll fairly easily between the two tents, as long as you didn't get sidetracked in the arcade by Donkey Kong (like so many of us did).

The party was just getting started when Les Claypool came out to perform the Spinal Tap chestnut "Big Bottom" much to the crowd's delight. The show ran well into the wee wee hours, ending appropriately with "Rainy Day Women" right around 4:20.

A few short hours later, Galactic was back for a third set so to speak, on the Stadium stage to kick off Bonnaroo Day Three.


Saturday June 22, 2002 Late Night Show
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Buck It Like A Horse
Groove Holmes>Bobski/Jeffe 2000
Big Bottom
Willie the Pimp
Size It Up
Rapper's Delight
Let Me Clear My Throat
Just Kissed My Baby
Whole Lotta Love
"Buck It" & "Snowball" with Lil' Rascals Brass Band
"Big Bottom" and "Willie" with Les Claypool, Skerik
and Keith Mosley (SCI)
"Shucktime" with Michael Kang

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Crazyhorse Mongoose
Root Down
Blue Pepper
Little Miss Lover
Ice Cold Daydream
Third Stone From The Sun
Doo Rag
Space Jelly
Blackeyed Pea
Two Clowns
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
"Root Down" with Eric Krasno on guitar (Soulive)
"Blue Pepper" with Eric Krasno and Leon Mobley (from Ben Harper's band)
"Little Miss Lover" through "Third Stone" with Robert Randolph
"Doo Rag" through "Blackeyed Pea" with Luther Dickinson on guitar
"Space Jelly" through "Two Clowns" with DJ Logic

Sunday June 23, 2002 Afternoon SetListen
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All Behind Me Now
Flyin' High
Hamp's Hump
Baker's Dozen
Tiger Roll
Yes We Can