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n u g s . n e t | Jack Johnson mp3 - Bonnaroo 6/22/02
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Jack's no longer a West Coast secret. Judging by the crowd at the Bonnaroo second stage Saturday afternoon, this cat's definitely out of the bag. Jack has the rare talent of being a singer-songwriter who not only can carve out his own tunes but also make anybody else's song sound like his own.

Check out the sweet cover of Hendrix/Band of Gypsys "Who Knows" with Ben Harper guesting on lap steel. The "Who Do You Love" medley with Marley's "Trenchtown Rock" and Submlime's "Garden Grove" tucked in there is nice. Then of course there's Jack's originals like "Posters," "Bubbletoes," and "Flake" which show you what this surfer-filmmaker-songwriter is all about.

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Bonnaroo SaturdayListen
On and On
3 Is The Magic Number
Fortunate Fool
Sexi Plexi
Rodeo Clowns
It's All Understood
Who Do You Love Medley
Inaudible Melodies
Who Knows
"On and On" and "Gone" solo acoustic
"3" with Scarlet on drums
"Jam" and "Rodeo Clowns" with DJ Logic
"Who Knows" and "Flake" with Ben Harper on lap steel guitar