Phish April 26, 1996: New Orleans Jazz Fest

by Brad G. Serling and Jon Michael Richter
photos by Brad G. Serling and Andreas Veneris


Under the blazing New Orleans sun, a calypso, bouncy "Ya Mar" set the tone, and got everyone dancin right off. Right on! A slow and groovy "AC/DC Bag" then showed the Festival crowd the phunk that these Yankee honkees are capable of laying down. Phish, scheduled for a 3:25 start, came out early (just after 3:00) and we were treated to a full two hours of Phish faves including "Harry Hood", "2001", and a gorgeous "You Enjoy Myself" that melted into an a capella "Wolfman's Brother" which waxed electric toward the refrain. Earlier on after "Stash", Michael Ray (who at his Jazz Fest gig last year was joined on-stage by Trey) came out and shared his horn for a bouncy "Cars, Trucks, and Buses" - probably the highlight of the set. The band was out to strut their stuff, and the Fest audience was very receptive to the groove.

Trey Anastasio
Guess who's psyched to be playin The Fest?

sprayer The mostly-Phish crowd at the Ray Ban stage was in for a good time, even under the oppressive sunshine. If it were not for the spray gun dude and other creative water-sprayers, we might all have melted. Luckily, the sun gave way to some sprinkles just as we were "taking care of our shoes" at the end of "Cavern," Phish's second encore.

Trey and Mike
Trey and Mike
"Let's get this show on the road!"

The Flags weren;t the only ones flying high!

Page As the show ended several flags and other creatively-decorated posts flew high, marking people's territory, and (perhaps shielding mics, too) . Most are custom made and many have been cultivated over the years, like Mardi Gras costumes. After a terrific show, Phish made their mark on the Festival and took their place among the traditional musical greatness that is annually associated with Jazz Fest.

Phish Setlist 4/26/96

Hands in the air at the end of Phish's second encore, "Cavern"

Ya Mar->
Cars, Trucks, and Buses (with Michael Ray on Trumpet)
You Enjoy Myself->
Wolfman's Brother
Scent of a Mule
Sample in a Jar
Harry Hood
Day in the Life
David Bowie


Hello, My Baby

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