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n u g s . n e t | Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon mp3 - Bonnaroo 6/14/03

n u g s . n e t presents

The Bonnaroo crowd was treated to a reunion of Mike and Leo on Saturday afternoon. If you didn't make it early and grab a good spot inside the tent, then you were sadly caught between the thump of the DJs spinning in the adjacent arcade tent and the Roots' grooves emanating from the stage on the other side of the tent. Mike even quips during one break how they planned it this way to maximize the coolness factor. Hey, what could be better than a delicate acoustic set sandwiched between a DJ and The Roots? Not to mention Garage a Trois' funky nibblets coming from the tent across Centeroo.

Nevertheless, this set highlighted the best of Mike's collaboration with Leo and served as a great introduction to many folks who were not lucky enough to catch one of the club shows from the duo's fall tour.

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stage banter
Living in the Country
The Collins Missile
William Powell
The Lone Steam Engine Train
I'm Going Back to the Old Home
The Driving of the Year Nail
Standing on the Outside
Eight Miles High
Car Carrier Blues
From Pizza Towers to Defeat
Ya Mar
Cripple Creek