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n u g s . n e t | Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains mp3 Bonnaroo 2002

n u g s . n e t presents

photography by Casey Flanigan

Les Claypool - bass and vocals
Bernie Worrell - keys
Brain - drums
Buckethead - guitar

Colonel Claypool and Funkateer Bernie Worrell

The Colonel teamed up with funk-master Bernie Worrell of Funkadelic fame and Buckethead on guitar and Brain from Primus to form perhaps the most interesting band to take the stage at Bonnaroo. The Bernie Brains set breaks new ground and takes us on a Funk Odyssey like no other performance of the entire Bonnaroo Experience.

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Les views the set as one free form jam with no song distinctions, but for easier downloading we've broken it up into segments.

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Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI - Tax Man
Part VII
Part IX
Part X