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n u g s . n e t | moe. mp3 - Bonnaroo 6/15/03

n u g s . n e t presents

Last year's moe. late night site was an absolute monster. Many folks who had never really given them a chance were wowed to the point of asking the folks around them "Are they always this good?"

This year moe. hit the stage on Sunday afternoon just before The Dead's set. Sadly, their set was right in the middle of the Superjam with Mike Gordon, Dr. John, Stanton Moore, and Luther Dickinson. Oh, and James Brown was on the main stage at the same time to boot. Nevertheless, with some creative navigation and well-timed beer runs, you could catch it all. Well, maybe. We saw Popper being carted over to moe.'s stage as we were en route to catch a little JB, but missed his performance on an awesome "Bring It Back Home." We did, however, catch Warren's soaring licks during Opium.

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ONE SET Listen
stage banter
32 Things
Okay Alright
Bring it Back Home
stage banter
Spine of a Dog
Plane Crash
Plane Crash
"Opium" and "Wormwood" with Warren Haynes on guitar
"Bring It Back Home" with John Popper on harmonica