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n u g s . n e t | Leftover Salmon mp3 9/15/01

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Leftover Salmon mp3 9/15/01

In the few days prior to our first music festival endeavor, wave after wave of
bad news seemed to hit us like a tsunami. After months of planning, everything
was going good until the Tuesday before the fest. We watched in disgusted
horror as the worst tragedy in our nation's history unfolded before our eyes.
When the dust cleared we were faced with flight cancellations, diminished
morale, and the impending decision of whether or not to call off the event when
the President declared the day before to be a "national day of mourning." Then
we got the call from Salmon: their drummer, Jose, was stranded in Seattle and
couldn't make the gig, and to make matters worse, vocalist/guitarist Vince was
dealing with an unfortunate illness with a family member and it was looking like
they might have to cancel. Then, to top it all off, our power generator guy
backed out on us at the last minute! After much discussion we decided we had no
choice now but to just go through with it as planned, and we went to bed that
night expecting the worst.

The next day offered a ray of hope, though. We got another call from the band.
They ran into a drummer in Austin, Pat Mastellatto of Mastica and King Crimson
fame, who sat in with them at Stubb's the night before. When they asked him if
he wanted to come to Lubbock he replied, "Hell yeah let's go!" Luckily, Vince
was able to make it too and they all showed up in good spirits. The problem of
the missing generator was solved by an electrician who came out to the driving
range venue and re-wired the juice from one of the floodlights in the parking
lot 200 yards down to the stage just as the sun went down. Everything came
together at the last minute--the end result? An all-out free-form filthy
hoedown in the Texas flatlands! Salmon came out donning Buddy Holly replica
glasses and proceeded to rip it up. Unfortunately, this turned out to be Mark
Vann's last complete show before he was diagnosed with cancer. Electric
Kool-Aid is extremely saddened to hear of his passing and we extend our deepest
sympathies to his family, friends, and fans.

Despite some unfortunate circumstances this event was a success in our eyes and
will be remembered as a great day in the wake of troubled times. We hope you
enjoy this little slice of Salmon history...

Ryan Murray, Nathan Schmidt, Apu Naik
The Electric Kool-Aid Music Fest

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Little Maggie
Zombie Jambroree
Takes A Lot to Laugh
Unplug That Telephone
High Five
Bend in the River
Goin Round the World
Almost Cut My Hair
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Reuben's Train
Joseph's Dream
Drivin Nails
She Caught the Katie
Do You Wanna Dance
Troubled Times
Breakin' Through
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Las Vegas
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Ain't Gonna Work
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One Love
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