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n u g s . n e t | 10/2/2002 B.B. King's Club, New York, NY
In the wee wee hours after the Jammys, moe.'s gig at B.B. King's club off of Times Square was the place to be. The show was a benefit for the Grateful Dead's Rex Foundation, although Bob Weir apparently was nowhere to be found when it was his turn to sit in with the band.

Trey sits in for "Happy Hour Hero" and "Recreational Chemistry." Warren Haynes and Percy Hill keyboardist Nate Wilson join the band for "Opium" through "Sensory Deprivation." Particle keyboardist Steve Molitz also sat in for "Recreational Chemistry." And, last but certainly not least, some dude named Ryan hopped on stage to sing "Mexico" while Al was offstage.

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Linus and Lucy
stage banter
Spine of a Dog
Not Coming Down
stage banter
New York City
Happy Hour Hero
Recreational Chemistry
stage banter
Sensory Deprivation Bank